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Training in body consciousness and coaching on physical aspects

Training in body consciousness and coaching on physical aspects

What does Mirian do?

Many people have the tendency ‘to be in their mind’ all the time. They are occupied with scenarios, strategies and questions such as cause-and-effect. Due to this rationalism, they lose balance between mental, physical and emotional aspects which will lead, on the long run, to problems. After all, the power of your mind lies within your body.

Mirian Rutten’s training on physical aspects makes you more and more aware of yourself, your body, your power and the environment you are in. She teaches you to recognize and understand your own patterns of fighting, fleeing and freezing modes as well as of others. Whilst doing exercises, Mirian lets you experience a shift within yourself when handling things differently and how to respond to your environment using your own power. It might sound a bit vague, however, when experienced, you will find it very practical, specific and goal-oriented.

Mirian has been coaching (gifted) adults, youngsters, children and families for years now. She is excited to share her experience and knowledge with you as a coach.

Why does Mirian do this?

Psychologists, special education generalists, teachers, youth-workers and other coaches missed being skill-educated on using physical motion to get the emotional brain adapted whereas this is one of the most important things to do. Often the realization of ‘what’s in the mind’ is also part of the body is very refreshing. More than often the solution is found there.  

When you strive to bring people in balance on a mental, physical and emotional level and you have experience in working with gifted people, Mirians training about body consciousness for coaches of the gifted is a valuable addition to your curriculum.

Fight, flee and freeze

Key factors during the training are getting to know and experience the mechanisms of fighting, fleeing and freezing. First, you will learn how to recognize and understand these mechanisms within yourself. After, you will be able to recognize them rather easily on others. Second, when you understand the process and are willing to take this into account, you open a door for your coachee and you will be able to erupt their barriers. Bear in mind that many counselors have the tendency to continue speaking whilst their coachee is using one of the mechanisms because you aren’t truly listening which will keep doors locked. Using the physical exercises, you will be able to erupt the coachee’s mode whether this is fighting, fleeing or freezing in order for the coachee to change his/her behaviour.

Survival mechanisms
Survival mechanisms

Is there a way to learn this?

Yes! During the training you will get to know the mechanisms of fighting, fleeing and freezing and what the possible effects are on your work. You will also learn to understand the benefits of breathing consciously and how to better cope with your cenesthesia. The exercises contribute to your own physical and emotional development, because you will experience how to react from your power in the environment. By experiencing this, you will be able to recognize it more easily with others and with that, you are able to coach others.

'The power of your head is in your body' was a valuable training for me, both in terms of knowledge and for my personal growth. The guidance by Mirian Rutten was good and personal. Her expertise and flexibility during this training were also very good. Highly recommended for anyone who works with gifted young people!

Sjoerd Dirk Meijer
ECHA Specialist giftedness

Training ‘The power of your mind lies within your body – how to apply physical coaching’

The training consists of 5 days in where you will go into depth about body consciousness by means of exercises combined with theory. Previous participants scored this training a 9 out of 10.

Would you like to participate? Or do you have a question?
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